Real-Time at the Right Time

Solutions Guide

The buzz around Big Data and the age of the “multi-channel, empowered consumer” has made marketers believe that a real-time and instantaneous interaction with consumers is the answer to all marketing situations. Yes, real-time is important, but recently there has been a shift from a purely real-time mode of thought to that of Right Time Marketing. In this solutions guide, we dive into the world of Right time Marketing, and teach you how to understand your customer’s characteristics, channel preferences and in-market purchase signals to boost customer growth, retention, and prospect acquisition.


Topics Include

  • The Difference Between Right Time Marketing and Real Time Marketing
  • Understanding Data as the Foundation of Right Time Marketing
  • The Importance of Third and First Party Data Integration
  • Life Event Targeting
  • How to target the Right Person, through the Right Channel, at the Right Time

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